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The Story of Fill in the Blank

Being born in a traditional family, there are always YESs and NOs for me to follow. I don't often get to follow my mind and be expressive. Launching Fill in the Blank is one of my very first steps going out of my comfort zone, to experience something that I have never done before.

Watercolour brought me freedom to express myself and so much happiness that I want to share this joy with you. Instead of selling art pieces, I want to invite you to experience the process of making arts yourself. Be as creative or as standardised as you wish, make it bold or passive, take it seriously or play around with it; it's all up to you.

While we are enjoying what we do, I want to spread this joy to others who may need a bit of support in their lives. Therefore, I decided to make a small donation for every product sold to a designated charity, which is rotated every season. (USD$5 for every palette sold; and USD$1 for every pan sold)

Many a little makes a mickle. I wish, together, we could make this world a better place.